The Story Behind me...

Year 2009, this was the first time when i was on the stage. For the first time in the school, I participated in the speech contest, which had been preparing for several days. When after the speech, i came down from the stage, in the thunderstorm of applause, for the first time it was revealed that there is only stage in my life which can give me my true identity.

After that, Stage and my journey went on. In 2011, when I spoke to the “Education Minister” “Archana Chitnis”, On the issue of “33% reservation given to women”, the entire House got upset with the thundering of applause

During the college days, i was organize the college programs. Just like this, one day i got an opportunity to host a wedding function, after that many people was invited me to host their functions.

In my college life, i was a known name in  “Mandsaur”. After the completion of college, I went to “Doordarshan Madhya Pradesh” and worked as a anchor in “DD MP” for the show”Krishi Darshan”.

I have hosted many Wedding, Birthday Party, Government Program, Anniversary Programs etc. At present, I am the perfect car of my dream…

                                                            Anchor Mohit
                                                                Oct. 2018

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