Most frequent questions and answers

I think anchoring is not an art it’s an skill, Which is also snatched along with time. While doing anchoring in the last 10 years, I have come to understand that anchoring is a life for me.Those 3 hours of my show when I am on the stage, are one of the happiest moments of my life.
To laugh people, Making the moment they will remember through the life, that’s my work. After the show ends when people come with me and say your work is very fantastic. I get everything out there.

While everyone was preparing for interviews and jobs in my college, i am preparing to host a TV show on Doordarshan Madhya Pradesh. I think to host a National TV show named “Krishi Darshan” on “DD MP” is the biggest achievement for me till now.

Due to lack of family support, I had to leave my TV show and work in an MNC company. But after doing the job for a year, finally I realise that I have not made for it. And then I decided to quit my job and fulfill my dream.
I think leaving a MNC company job and running after my dreams again was the most challenging moment for me.

My future planing is to host a award or reality show on tv.

What I want to say to the young generation is to pursue your dreams in any cost and do the work that you love. In simple words “become the king of your field”

What I mean by passion is that “the work that you enjoy doing and the work you can do without money is your passion”.

I follow the sultan of stage “Manish Paul” and My mentor who always guide me in life is Mr. Mayank Batra (@getdigitalwithmayank)

I started anchoring in the year 2009. In the year 2013, I felt that it could be my profession. But when I started it as a profession, I did not get any support from my family and from my friends. I had created my own Facebook page, which people used to make fun of.
In the event, I was not even given a place to get ready. I used to get ready from home and reach the event.
In my entire journey, I have learned that without listening to people, just go on working and your work will give a reply to people.

It is not easy at all. If you are an artist, very often you will not get the right pay for your work. Many times you have to work for people even for free. In that situation to leave the other important work for passion are not simple. But to fulfill your dreams, you have to leave everything and focus on your work.

In the beginning, I did not find any type of family support for anchoring. When they saw that people were praising my work and when they felt that anchoring can also be made a profession, they started to support me.

“Jane do ya jaan laga do”

Many times, I meet people in my show, who says “they saw me years back on that particular show and that show was super awesome. They have not forgotten that event till date”

That is the special moment when I think I am doing a great work. And that’s keep me motivated for my passion.